Accessing the legacy tape-based HFS backup service

Please Note:

The tape-based backup service is in the process of being replaced by a new on-site, disk-based backup service for server clients and multi-user machines, and by the Code42 cloud-based backup for single-user laptop and desktop machines. 

The Code42 service is available now - visit the HFS Code42 cloud backup for more about this service and how to access it.

The new on-site, disk-based backup service is currently available to existing clients as they move their backups to it.

If you have a new server/multi-user machine that requires backup, you have the choice of either waiting for the new on-site service to open to new clients (likely towards mid-2022) or to proceed with the procedure below. Please understand that by registering for the legacy tape-based service, you will be required to backup your data again, when your turn comes to move from this service to the new service.

HFS Team, Feb 2022

Thank you for showing an interest in the HFS backup services provided to Oxford University Staff, senior members and postgraduates.

Below are the steps required to get you started and ensure your system is set up to perform regular successful backups.

  1. Register for the HFS backup service.
  2. Download and install the software.
  3. Run an initial manual backup.
  4. Prepare for scheduled backups.

You should now have completed all the steps required to make use of the HFS backup services.  It should be possible to resolve any issues encountered from now on by using the HFS help and support pages.

By using the HFS backup service you are agreeing to our Acceptable Use Guidelines.

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