How to manage autodiscover for Nexus365

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  1. Log in to the Hydra DNS records interface (this requires Oxford VPN) and click create under the search bar
  2. Set up a CNAME record for (where is the domain you are configuring autodiscover on) pointing to
  3. Click Create
  1. Visit, select Outlook Connectivity
  2. Set the test fields as follows:
    Email address to
    Domain\User Name (or UPN) to
    Password to test
    Leave Use Autodiscover to detect server settings selected and review / tick the warning
  3. Complete the anti-robot verification if required, then click Perform Test
  4. The test will fail. Expand the test information to find a section for Autodiscover service using the HTTP redirect method. All tests under here should have a green tick, except for the final Autodiscover POST request test (red error)
  1. Using Outlook for Windows (not New Outlook), hold Ctrl whilst you right click on the Outlook systray icon then select Test Email AutoConfiguration…
  2. Set Email address to a valid University email address in the format where is the domain you want to test, and the associated mailbox can be accessed using an SSO that you own
  3. Leave the password blank and clear the two Guesssmart options, then click Test
  4. When prompted to choose a Microsoft account then select the relevant account if it is listed, otherwise click Use another account and sign in with your username in the format abcd1234@OX.AC.UK
  5. After a few seconds you should see text in the Results tab, including the line Autoconfiguration found the following settings: which confirms that autodiscover is working correctly. If the line is not present then there is a problem with autodiscover for the domain of the preferred sender address of the account you used to test (it might be worth reviewing the results to make sure this is the domain you expected)

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