How to manage DNS

Please ensure that you are familiar with the DNS naming policy before editing DNS records or submitting any requests.

Most DNS management is now carried out in Hydra, our web-based management tool for IP subnet and DNS zone management.

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DNS records for zones that you manage can edited in Hydra. Record types that can be managed in Hydra include: A/AAAA, CNAME, MX, SRV and TXT. Creating an A/AAAA record will create the corresponding PTR record if you have permission to edit the associated subnet.

To create a new record

  1. Visit the Hydra DNS records list (requires Oxford network or VPN)
  2. Click create under the search bar
  3. Enter the details for your new record
  4. Click Create

To edit, delete or clone an existing records

  1. Visit the Hydra DNS records list (requires Oxford network or VPN)
  2. Use the search bar to locate the record you want to change
  3. Click on the record you want to change
  4. Click edit, delete or clone as appropriate


DNS zones and subnets in Hydra are associated with IPAM groups in Groupstore. Users who are members of the relevant IPAM group can manage records in the associated DNS zones and subnets.

One IPAM group is automatically created for each unit in OakLDAP. This group is pre-populated with the unit's ITSS01. The group name will be app:ipam:units:code where code is the unit code from IT Services registration.

Note: Groupstore access is required

In order to manage group membership and privileges you will need access to the Groupstore UI

Note: Overnight synchronisation

Changes to group membership are copied to Hydra overnight, so will not take effect until the following morning. This does not apply to group admin privileges which are effective in Groupstore immediately


To change who can manage zones and subnets

  1. Visit the Hydra allocations page
  2. Search for the zone or an IP address in the subnet you want to manage permissions for (zone example:; subnet example: Hydra will show you details of the group this zone or subnet is allocated
    to. If more than one group has permissions on the zone or subnet then Hydra will list them all, and you will need to click on the group you want to edit
  3. The Hydra group information page shows who can manage group membership, and who the current group members are
  4. Click on the link labelled "Groupstore" under the Users heading
  5. On the Members tab, click Add members, enter an SSO username or email address, and click Add to grant IPAM permissions
  6. On the Members tab, click Actions > Revoke membership next to any member to revoke IPAM permissions

To change who can manage membership of the group

  1. Follow steps 1 to 4 above to access the Groupstore page for editing the relevant IPAM group
  2. On the Privileges tab, add/remove permission to manage group membership by clicking the tick mark in the Admin column for the relevant user entry
  3. On the Privileges tab, click Add members, enter an SSO username or email address, for Assign these privileges tick Admin (and untick Member if this
    user should not have IPAM permissions), then click Add to grant membership management permissions for a new user

A complete and searchable list of Oxford-managed DNS zones is available in Hydra. You can also select individual zones to view details including ownership, and to obtain the zone listing in structured formats.


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