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CUD Interfaces - Access

CUD Web User Interface Access

A request must be made for access to CUD. The initial request for access must be supported by a signed terms and conditions of CUD access form; you can scan the signed form and attach it to your service request.

Please request access using the HEAT Service Request for Access to the CUD User Interface.

CUD  REST Interface Access

The REST Interface is used when querying from a server or service. You will need to specify the server from which queries will be made and a CUD Service Principal will be created for that server.

Requests should be made via the HEAT Service Request for access to the CUD REST Interface.

Note that you must already have personal access to the CUD UI (User Interface) before you can request a service principal.

Requesting access to additional attributes

Additional attributes are attributes that are not included in the CUD attribute set, are available on application. You must have a good reason for using additional attributes, access to which will be considered in consultation with the data owner. 

Requests for access to additional SITS attributes (those within the "cud:uas_sits:" namespace) should normally be submitted by IT Support Staff. The Identity and Access Management team will then seek further authorization from the local Information Custodian, and/or Student Systems in the case of attributes deemed especially sensitive.

Please use the following email template to request access to additional attributes:

Subject: Request for additional CUD attributes
Message: Please supply access to additional CUD attributes as follows:
Name: <your name>
SSO username/service principal name: <username or principal>
Additional attributes requested:
Reason for access:
  • SSO username/service principal name is the name of the login which requires access to the additional attributes. In the CUD UI this will be an SSO username. For other interfaces this will be the kerberos service principal name granted with the access to CUD, normally in the form cud/<host fqdn>@OX.AC.UK
  • ITSS should be answered Y/N depending on whether you appear in the ITSS register
  • Additional attributes requested is the list of names of the additional attributes requested, taken from the complete list of attributes
  • A reason for access is required regardless whether you are ITSS or not

Further information

Once you have access to CUD, please follow the links below on how to get started:


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 24 January 2020