Overview: JISC online surveys

Online Surveys V3 upgrade

A new version of Online Surveys V3 was released in September 2023.

  • You can log in to Version 2 of Online Surveys via https://www.onlinesurveys.ac.uk until 31 July 2024
  • From 2 April 2024, the creation of new surveys in Version 2 will no longer be possible
  • The login for Version 3 of Online Surveys is https://app.onlinesurveys.jisc.ac.uk
  • To migrate a survey’s design from the V2 to the V3 system:
    ○ On V2 use the 'Export survey' option in the Design view
    ○ On V3 use the 'Import Survey' button on the Dashboard
  • It is possible to export survey data from the V2 system until 31 July 2024:
    ○ Use the 'Export' button on the 'Analyse' view

There is further information on Migration for Online Surveys Admins.

Online Surveys overview

JISC Online Surveys (formerly Bristol Online Survey - BOS) is an easy-to-use online tool for creating, distributing and analysing surveys. It is entirely web-based with no limits on the number of surveys you can create or the number of respondents you can have. It also allows surveys to be shared and supports collaborative survey development. Visit the Online Surveys support web site for more information.

How to get access

IT Services manage an organisation-wide licence for Online Surveys and any student, staff member or academic visitor can request an account for creating surveys via IT self service.

You will be given an account for Version 3 of Online Surveys unless you explicitly request version 2 in the comment box.

Online Surveys Account

InfoSec approved

The University's Information Security Team have assessed the data security statement for the Online Surveys service. Based on the service's ISO27001 certification and pertinent additional security measures the Information Security Team can recommend the service for gathering confidential data. However, survey owners still need to consider data privacy requirements with respect to GDPR and the University.

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