Managed Desktop Service VPN management tunnel

Notice: The VPN management tunnel is not the same as the University's VPN service

The VPN service is still required to access other University sites and services restricted by VPN.


An automatic VPN management tunnel runs in the background of CONNECT devices, providing managed devices with a secure connection to network drives.

Connection to the tunnel happens automatically upon login, but logging in quickly may not allow enough time for it to be established. As connection attempts occur only when logging in, network drives will not be available if this is missed.

If you cannot access your network drives after logging in to a CONNECT device:


  1. Restart your device
  2. At the login prompt, ensure the computer has an internet connection, indicated by either a WiFi or connected computer icon in the bottom corner
  3. Wait 15 seconds
  4. Log in to the CONNECT device

If you still encounter issues after this, please contact the Service Desk.

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