How to store files and folders on managed staff desktops

Your home drive

Drive H: is called your "home drive" and is suitable for files that only you need to access. This should be only be for work purposes, not personal data.

Your home drive (by default) has the following folders, which appear as the special folders in Windows Explorer:

  •  My Documents

  •  My Pictures
  •  My Music
  •  My Videos
  •  Favourites
  •  Desktop

You should not use your H: drive for:

  • Backing up the contents of your C drive
  • Storing a copy of data that exists on group storage
  • Personal photo albums
  • Personal music library
  • Personal video library
  • Business critical data that your colleagues may need access to

The standard quota for a home drive is 5GB. An email will be sent to you if your use exceeds 80% of the available space.

Your personal settings / user profile

Key personal settings are synchronised between your desktop and central servers. When you logon to a new desktop, these settings are copied down to provide your familiar wallpaper, desktop links, and key application settings. There is no quota limit on these settings.

Group / shared drives

Shared drives are usually assigned to departments or groups and accessed via drive O:. Access to areas on shared drives is strictly controlled so not everyone has access to all data. Sometimes data is shared with other departments or individuals and this is accessed via I:.

Groups and departments make decisions about who has access to their data and what form of access is needed eg. read only.

The file structure and access permissions are set by individual departments or groups and these will vary. Consult your department administrator for further advice on this.

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business (ODFB) is a cloud-based storage solution providing up to 5TB of space for each member of staff. Files can be accessed via the web, or synchronised to a desktop. Sharing with other Nexus365 is easy and secure, even if they are outside of your department or don't use a managed staff desktop.

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