Overview: Microsoft Loop

Microsoft Loop is a collaboration suite based on “Workspaces”, created by a user and hosted in their OneDrive for Business instance. It also appears in Microsoft Teams as a set of components for use in your Teams channels and chats. 

The Microsoft Loop web app allows a Workspace owner to create loop components and share them with others, to brainstorm ideas, take polls, work through project milestones and create text, resources and materials for use in other services in Nexus365.

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Loop Components is available in your teams chats and channels. These allow you to create items that are updated ‘live’ by anyone with access to that team, channel or chat.

Loop components in Teams:

  • Allow you to create bulleted lists, checklists and numbered lists which can be copied and pasted into documents or pages for later use.
  • Allows you to work on paragraphs of text, again to copy and paste into your documents or pages elsewhere in N365. 
  • Allows you to create tables and work on them ‘live’ 
  • Allows you to create a voting poll to help make decisions or find out other people’s opinions on things you’re working on collaboratively. 
  • Allows you to set up a simple task list to help you spread the workload in your projects and brainstorming sessions. 

Find out more about Loop components in Microsoft Teams.

The Microsoft Loop Web App is a separate collaboration suite available to anyone who has the Microsoft Loop license.

A Microsoft Loop Web App license is available – one signup per person:

Sign up for the Microsoft Loop Preview Web App

Once you’ve signed up with the form, the license will be applied to your account but may take up to 24 hours to take effect. Users are encouraged to participate in the Nexus User Group (NUG) MS Loop channel to provide feedback and talk about the app itself.

The Loop Web App is accessed through the Microsoft Loop web portal.

Log in to the Microsoft Loop Web Portal

When users first access Loop through the web portal they are given the opportunity to create and collaborate on new workspaces with other users in Nexus365.

Notice: Internal to University of Oxford only

Loop is currently not available to external collaborators, so will only be made available to University Staff and Students with Nexus365 accounts.


The Loop Workspace types are: 

  • Project Brief – Get a project under way with a brainstorming workspace tailored specifically for outlining and planning. Set up a project brief, develop a project overview, and set some initial project goals. 
  • Team Decision – Collaborate with members of a team to tackle the big questions and plan out appropriate responses. The template allows you to set up constraints, compare ideas and outline the next steps before taking the final decision and sharing it with your stakeholders. 
  • Project Planning – Set up with a stack of useful components to help build your project timelines, assignments and milestones with project “Temperature Checks” and other supporting sections to help a project build momentum. 
  • Meeting Notes – Live components to help keep track of meeting notes and minutes, with agenda points, attendee tables, tasks and relevant links. 

Users of Microsoft OneNote will immediately see the comparisons between OneNote and Loop. Sharing can be facilitated at the Workspace level (all Workspace members can collaborate on your Loop spaces), the page level (you can grant selective access to a single Loop Workspace page) or at the component level (Loop components can be embedded in other supporting Microsoft O365 Apps).

See more information on Microsoft Loop.

Members of the University signing up for a Microsoft Loop license must accept the following terms and conditions of use and support. 

  • Microsoft Loop is still considered a preview service and is not fully supported. IT Services is not responsible for the use of the Loop Web App or the use of Loop Components in other Nexus365 services.
  • IT Services will not be able to recover any data lost by accidental deletion or over-writing in Loop components or the Loop Web App / Workspaces. 
  • Microsoft Loop is tied to your OneDrive for Business, so please treat Loop components and materials in the same way as you treat any materials you store in your OneDrive for Business instance. Remember that your OneDrive for Business instance only lasts as long as your Nexus365 account, and will be wound down and eventually deleted if you leave the University. See Finishing IT use at Oxford.
  • Microsoft Loop is not available for Project or Secondary accounts (due to the requirement for use with a OneDrive for Business instance). Licensing is for individual primary Nexus365 accounts associated with either staff or students. 
  • Opt-out units will also be prevented from using the Microsoft Loop app. 

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