Microsoft Power Apps

The Power Apps platform and the associated license management is very complex. At present we do not have the required governance and support structures in place to make this available to members of the University.     

We understand that sometimes online Microsoft documentation or external specialists may recommend the use of Power Apps. As this is not possible within Nexus 365, we would recommend exploring the use of SharePoint Online and Power Automate as alternative tools.

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Users of the Nexus365 service may come across the option to trial Microsoft Power Apps. Our advice is that you do not make use of a Power Apps short-term trial license as these are not supported and we will not transition a trial license for Power Apps into a full license for any purpose and you will not be able to take your Power App forward once your trial expires.

Any Power Apps trial environments created through using unsupported apps in Teams or via trial licenses will continue to be removed as part of an ongoing housekeeping exercise. Trial environments will typically expire and be placed into suspension by Microsoft before being eventually deleted. Microsoft may notify Team owners by email when they disable and delete trial (dataverse) environments.

There are some apps that can be added to Teams requiring users to have a Power Apps license to configure the app for use.  

Apps requiring a Power Apps license include: 

  • Milestones  
  • Issue Reporting/Manage Issues  
  • Ideas/Manage Ideas/Staff Ideas/Employee Ideas  
  • Bulletins/Manage Bulletins  
  • Inspections/Manage Inspections/Review Inspections  
  • Solution Health Hub  

These apps make use of an unsupported short-term trial license and cannot be taken forward as Power Apps is not a supported or licensed part of the Nexus365 service. We recommend that you avoid using these apps in Teams entirely, as they are not supported add-ins due to their dependency on Power Apps.

If you are working with third party specialist that are helping you create SharePoint Online solutions, please make sure they are aware that Power Apps is not available in the Nexus365 Tenancy. Any solutions they develop outside of the Nexus tenant cannot be deployed in the Nexus Tenancy once completed.

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