Microsoft products for staff

The Microsoft Workplace Discount Programme offers discounts to University staff on Microsoft Surface devices and Office 365 subscriptions, though please note that most University members can already download and use Office 365.

Windows 11 is offered at a cost of £119.  Microsoft no longer provide Windows 10 in this way, but have advised that this can be purchased from retailers such as Curry's if required.

Access the Workplace Discount Portal

  1. Create a personal Microsoft Account.  You may want to consider creating an email account to use only for this portal, for example a Gmail account. 
  2. Log into the Workplace Discount Program eligibility page using your Oxford username in the format and your single sign-on (SSO) password.
  3. Open the email Microsoft send to your University email account, then select Sign in and Shop
  4. Sign in with the Microsoft account you created earlier, which will confirm your eligibility then direct you to the Microsoft Workplace Discount Programme store pages.
  5. To purchase Windows 11, select Windows from the top menu, then from the top menu again select Get Windows > Buy Windows 11 Home


Please be very cautious in your purchases as only Microsoft can provide assistance, either through their support portal or with phone support.

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