Office 365 download

A licence to download and use the Office 365 download is included with most Nexus365 accounts.  See University card and IT services entitlements for a full list of those that are eligible.

You can install Office download onto any compatible computer or mobile device that you own personally or that has been assigned to you by the University, if you have permission from local IT Support Staff to do so.  All staff and students get 5 user licenses, meaning you are entitled to install and activate up to 5 copies of Microsoft Office software on personal computers or mobile devices.

Download and install Office 365

Follow the Microsoft guidance on how to download and install Office 365.

You will need to follow the instructions that refer to signing in with a work or school account.

Office Add-ins

There is no central restriction in place to prevent access the Microsoft store when using the downloaded O365 Office Applications.

The risk of Microsoft add-ins is generally low but in some cases their use may have implications for both information security and privacy. Of particular concern are add-ins that have been produced by untrusted suppliers and those linked to a cloud service.  It is your responsibility to understand the nature of the add in, seek further guidance if needed and ensure that your head of department or equivalent has approved the use of the add-in, if used with confidential data. 

There may be local restrictions in place that would prevent you from accessing the Microsoft store or from installing the Office 365 applications on your machine. In these scenarios you should contact your local IT Support Staff for advice.

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