Miro is a simple to use, flexible collaboration and whiteboarding tool which can either be used as a standalone web based tool or integrated in to the Teams application.

Miro is considered to be a secure platform, however it should not be used to store confidential or sensitive personal information. When using Miro please also be aware that there are accessibility considerations around using any whiteboarding tool, Miro have published this accessibilty statement.

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A number of different licensing models exist within Miro, however there are three levels available to University members.

  • Anyone can register for a free Miro account
  • Teaching staff and students are eligible to apply for a Miro education license
  • Non-teaching staff can apply for an enterprise license, the current cost of which is $150 per licensed user per year (around £110 +VAT).

For full details of the differences please see miro.com/pricing/.

In summary a free account is limited in terms of board sharing and the number which can be created, the benefits of an education or enterprise account are that you can share boards via a link or with a named individual, create unlimited boards and have the ability to back up or export boards.



To request a free Miro account please sign up with your email address at miro.com/login


Teaching staff or students wishing to obtain an education license should first sign up for a free account using the details above. Having set up a free account you should follow these instructions on how to upgrade your account. In order to prove the University's accreditation status we have been advised that a screenshot of the appropriate section of the 'Check if your university or college can award a degree' page will suffice.


For non-teaching staff requiring Miro access, a Service Request form will be developed for this, however in the meantime if you would like to request enterprise access please email Ian Teasdale.


Miro provides a number of resources to help users become proficient in its use including:



Get support

Local IT support provide your first line of on-the-spot help



Common requests and fault reports can be logged using self-service





The central Service Desk is available 24x7 on +44 1865 6 12345


If you do not have an SSO account you can use this form to contact the Service Desk