New Microsoft Teams client

Microsoft are rolling out a new Teams client starting January 2024 and may automatically upgrade you to the new Teams client. This is a new version for the desktop client and web app, rebuilt and re-engineered to improve the Microsoft Teams services.     

Microsoft have announced that moving forward, all new features and capabilities will be exclusive to the new Teams.  

How to install the new Teams client yourself 

You can look to start using new Teams client before Microsoft automatically upgrades you.  

Some users may be prompted to ‘Try the new Teams’ via the current ‘classic’ version of Teams. This option will be a toggle button in top left of the Teams classic client.    

If you are not prompted to try new Teams you can download the new Teams for Windows Desktop.

Please note that your experience may vary if you are using a managed device as there may be local restrictions in place that would prevent you from installing the new Teams client on your machine. In these scenarios you should contact your Local IT support staff for advice. 

Switching back to Teams Classic

It will be possible to switch back to classic Teams until the final cut-off date which is currently 31 March 2024.

After the cut off date, Microsoft have confirmed that access to Teams Classic (also known as legacy client) will be blocked and the user interface (UI) will display a button to redirect to the new Teams web client.

Known issues and troubleshooting

Microsoft have published a list of known issues with the new Teams clients and have detailed when they aim to resolve these by.

There is also a troubleshooting guide detailing the minimum OS requirements for the new Teams Experience.

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