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IMPORTANT: We are currently in the process of moving the University’s centrally managed (Nexus) email and calendaring service to the cloud-based, Microsoft Office 365 service (Nexus365). If your account has been migrated you should now use the Nexus365 support pages where you will find help and advice on using the new service.


What is Nexus?

Nexus is the University 'groupware solution' which provides a range of integrated services such as email, calendars, contacts, task management and a suite of collaboration tools using SharePoint.

The Nexus Service can even be used to manage and book local resources!

Using Nexus

Nexus can be accessed via the web or by a range of client programs, on your computer or mobile device.

Want to use a new feature of Nexus? See our quick link list of Nexus features shown by platform, clients and browsers.

Getting Started

To begin using Oxford Nexus see the Starting with Nexus guide.

Oxford Nexus is accessible either through the Web or programs such as Outlook 2016 (Windows | Mac), Outlook 2013 (Windows),  Outlook 2011 (for Mac), Mail on Windows 10 or Apple's Mail and iCal. Other programs as well as mobile devices can be used too.

Help Resources

If you are having trouble see Using Nexus or check our FAQ for answers. For SharePoint help see the SharePoint Support Site. If you are still having problems please contact your local IT Officer or the Service Desk.

Help specifically for IT Support Staff can be found at ITSS and Help Centre Technical Documentation.

For a detailed listing of what is supported on different clients see the Features listing.

See also the Nexus cookie policy and privacy policy.


The IT Services ITLP team have developed a range of courses to help you get the most of out of Oxford Nexus. New course schedules are available at the start of each term.