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Nexus365: Accessing Nexus365 emails

Nexus365 email is available to you through three basic routes: logging in via the web, or via an email program (client) installed on your computer, or on a mobile device. Users of Microsoft clients (such as Outlook) get access to other features in addition to email (such as calendar, address book, to-do lists).

Email via the web
By using your normal web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox etc.) you can access your mailbox to send and receive emails, access your contacts and your calendar. See Logging in via a Web Browser for details.
Via an email program on a Desktop or Laptop
Set up your email program (client). Using a program (called a 'client') installed on your computer you get access to your email. If you use a Microsoft client such as Outlook you can share and delegate access to your calendar, contacts and other features.
Email on a mobile device
Nexus365 is accessible on the move through your mobile. For advice on how to set-up your mobile device to access your Nexus365 email, please select the relevant link below. Please be aware that this advice is given on a 'best efforts' basis:

Please remember it is important to ensure your mobile data is kept secure.

See also Email & calendaring FAQs.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 14 January 2019