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Orchard is part of the Managed Desktops & Devices Service and provides a suite of management services for Apple devices running macOS and iOS. For macOS Orchard provides configuration of workstation authentication, printer configuration, laptop encryption, access to a range of applications software, operating system and software updates and more. Services Orchard can provide for iOS include automatic configuration with email/calendar/VPN settings etc., and restrictions or volume application/eBook distribution.

Orchard Help and Advice

Orchard users based in one of the following departments should contact their departmental IT Support staff.

  • Blavatnik School of Government
  • Computer Science
  • Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology

All other Orchard users should contact the Service Desk in IT Services.

About Orchard

Further information about what Orchard offers, system requirements and how to enroll in Orchard.