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Orchard is part of the Managed Desktops & Devices Service and provides a suite of management services for Apple devices running macOS and iOS. For macOS Orchard provides configuration of workstation authentication, printer configuration, laptop encryption, access to a range of applications software, operating system and software updates and more. Services Orchard can provide for iOS include automatic configuration with email/calendar/VPN settings etc., and restrictions or volume application/eBook distribution.

Orchard Help and Advice

Orchard users based in one of the following departments should contact their departmental IT Support staff.

  • Blavatnik School of Government
  • Computer Science
  • Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Jenner Institute

All other Orchard users should contact the Service Desk in IT Services.

About Orchard

Further information about what Orchard offers, system requirements and how to enroll in Orchard.