Planning your use of LabArchives

While there is no ‘wrong’ way to use it, we would recommend having a discussion within your research group about how best to take advantage of its features before going too far down the road of inputting observations and data. Consider who should own the group’s Notebooks, who should have the ability to control editing rights and what policies it might make sense to create about what must (or must not) be recorded in LabArchives. Used wisely, LabArchives can help structure both your data and your daily work.

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When you create your Oxford LabArchives account, the Oxford Single Sign-On system chooses one of your Oxford email addresses to be used by LabArchives. You can see which address this is by clicking on your name in the LabArchives interface, selecting User Properties, and examining the Email field in the resulting page. It is Oxford’s policy that this association cannot be changed. To avoid confusion over users with multiple Oxford addresses, we suggest the following workflow for the person setting up the collaboration group:

  • Create your own account and note the associated email address
  • Ask the other members of your group to create their accounts and then let you know what their associated email addresses are
  • Create one or more Notebooks in your account and share them with the associated email addresses of the other group members

Once you have the correct email addresses stored in LabArchives for your group, sharing with the correct email address becomes much easier, as the other members’ email addresses will appear in a drop-down list, along with their full names, on the Share page for each resource. If you have any questions or issues, please email

With the above considerations in mind, please refer to the Quick start guide (PDF) to get going.