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On a typical session, there are usually two different ways your presentation is captured. One is from your computer's screen or built-in display capture, which records all activity including your live presentation slides, and the other is the *'Record PowerPoint' function, which uploads your presentation slides in their original format, e.g. PPT, PPTX

This guide focuses on the *presentation slides, rather than the recorded 'Built-in display' stream

NB. You will need to have your replacement slide(s) in PowerPoint format to complete all steps in this guide, even if just one slide is to be replaced

Replacing a slide video guide

If you prefer to watch a training video then we have the following session on changing a PowerPoint slide, from September 2020:

Replacing a slide how-to guide

1. Hover your cursor over the session you want to replace a slide for and click the grey Edit button that appears (online editor opens in a new tab):

Image of cursor hovering over session to show 'Edit' button


2. Select Slides from the left-hand side menu:

Image highlighting the 'Slides' menu item


3. Locate the slide(s) to be replaced, on the editor timeline (bottom of below image) and click the slide (or group of slides) to be removed/replaced. On the small pop-up box, click the bin icon on the slide you want to delete:

Image highlighting the slide's bin icon on the timeline

NB. the slide will still appear in the left-hand side slide list - this is because the slide is not really deleted but hidden from the viewer, so that it can be restored if needed 


4. Click on Add a presentation, at the top of the left-hand slide list and locate and upload the PowerPoint with the replacement slide(s) from your computer:

Image highlighting 'Add a presentation' text to click


5. Once your replacement slides have uploaded, scroll down to the last slide of your original presentation (in the left-hand side menu > Slides) to locate your replacement slides:

Image highlighting replacement slide


6. Locate the point in the timeline where you would like to add the replacement slide and click on the timeline (a red vertical line should remain in place). Now click the '+' icon on the replacement slide and you should see it appear on the timeline at the playhead:

Image highlighting add slide icon


7. Finally, click Apply to complete the slide replacement:

Image highlighting the Apply button

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