Service payment handling through the online shop

Paying for a service varies depending on whether the service cost is fixed or variable. The fixed cost services include the File Recovery Service.

Paying for services through the online shop


  1. Regardless of the type of service to be paid for, an online shop account is required. If you are paying as an individual, skip to step 2. below because if you do not already have an account you will register after filling your basket. If you are paying for a department, a college or an associated institution follow the steps for Software ordering for departments or Software ordering for colleges and associated institutions at How to order from the IT Services Shop.
  2. From the Online Shop front page, select the category of service you wish to pay for from the Service Payment Centre.

For some services you will also need to select a sub-category from the navigation bar at the left of the screen before seeing a product or products displayed.

  1. If you are paying for a fixed cost service, click on the Add to Basket button and you will see your basket with the service added. Click the Continue Shopping button if you wish to purchase any other items.If you are paying for a variable cost service, remember to type in the amount to pay, inclusive of VAT, before clicking the Add to Basket button. Click the Continue Shopping button if you wish to purchase any other items.
  2. When you are ready to purchase, proceed to the checkout via your shopping basket (Note: Once your basket contains at least one item, a shopping basket link is always available from the pink box in the navigation bar to the left of the screen).
  3. Depending on whether you are paying as an individual or for a department, college or associated institution, the payment steps will proceed as in Software Ordering for Individuals, Software Ordering for Departments or Software Ordering for Colleges or Associated Institutions at How to order from the IT Services Shop.

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