How to upgrade to Windows 11 on managed staff PCs

From June 2024 all new managed staff PCs (desktops and laptops) will be supplied with Windows 11 and Office 2021. You can choose when to upgrade using one of the methods below, up to October 2025 at which point any remaining Windows 10 PCs will be upgraded automatically. 

Before you upgrade

Please run through the following steps before you upgrade:

  1. Save your browser bookmarks to file (instructions for Chrome, Edge, Firefox)
  2. If you have a laptop then make sure that you can open files in your network drives, and stay logged in with a network connection for 30 minutes to ensure that any changes to these files have been saved to the network file server
  3. If you have saved any files to local storage (folders on C:) then copy these files to a network drive. If you have your own arrangements to backup these files then make sure that your backup has run recently

How to upgrade

There are four ways to upgrade, explained in the tabs below.

New purchases

All new PCs bought through us from June 2024 will come pre-installed with Windows 11 and Office 2021. You should still follow the before-upgrade and after-upgrade instructions to make sure that important user settings are copied to your new PC.

On request

Most staff will choose a convenient time to upgrade, in a similar way to how important updates are installed. We expect this feature to be available from August 2024 and will update this page to explain how to select a time to upgrade.

Push upgrade

Our teams will be able to arrange the upgrade for you. This could be useful for upgrading a whole room of hot desk PCs at the same time. We will also use this method to ensure the upgrade of any PCs that are not on Windows 11 as we approach October 2025. We will always communicate with the registered keeper of a PC before pushing an upgrade.


Any PCs that require re-imaging (for example to improve performance or fix a deep-rooted issue) will be installed with the new Windows 11 and Office 2021 image by default. This method may also be requested by your departmental desktop coordinator in exceptional circumstances.

After you upgrade

If you upgraded to Windows 11 using the on request or push upgrade methods then you should be able to login and continue working straight away.

If you got a new PC or we re-imaged your PC then you will need to carry out the following steps:

  1. Run Outlook (Start  > Outlook) and connect it to your Nexus mailbox
  2. Restore your web browser bookmarks (instructions for Chrome, Edge, Firefox)
  3. Add any printers that you plan to use
  4. Check your installed applications and install any that are missing, either self-service via the Oxford Application Installer, or by submitting an application request

Get support

If you cannot find the solution you need here then we have other ways to get IT support

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