How to use our Linux service

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You will need to activate your Linux shell account before you can log in to the Linux service:

  1. View settings for your Linux shell account and select Activate Shell Account. If the activation option is not available then you have already done this or you are not entitled to use this feature

Login at using an SSH client, and your Oxford account.

NB: SSH key fingerprints are provided on the SSH client page.

Several mail clients are installed on the system, including alpine (the successor to pine) and mutt. These can be configured to access Nexus email using IMAP and SMTP.

Please note that our Linux service does not provide email delivery or email accounts.

Department or college printers which are networked can be accessed using rlpr. Your file will need to be in a format that the printer supports, typically PostScript. To print file on printer you could use the following command:

$ rlpr

See the rlpr (1) and rlprrc (5) manual pages for full details, and consult your local IT support for information about printers in your department or colleges that can be printed to in this way.

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