Chorus Help

The Chorus team supports the University's telephone system, SMS service, Phoneman, Contact Center, and Telephony over Teams.  

Reporting Faults

The email address has been retired, so please do not report faults using this address.  For any faults or incidents relating to Chorus telephony or Telephony over Teams you can either use IT self service to report a telephony problem or for urgent problems call the Central IT Service Desk on 01865 612345. 

Service Requests

There are a number of Service Requests in IT self service which allow you to manage many aspects of your telephony.

Telephony over teams (ToT)

  • Request a Call Queue or Auto attendant.  This allows users of Telephony over Teams to set up a queue, which will deliver calls to a single extension through to a team.
  • Change Telephony over Teams settings.  Complete this Service Request to make a change to the dialling rights or directory status of a Telephony over Teams user.

Telephony over teams (ToT)/Chorus

  • Moving numbers to Telephony over Teams or to Chorus.  Some users will be better served on either Telephony over Teams or Chorus.  Complete this Service Request to migrate users to the service which best suits their needs.
  • Change Caller-ID on Telephony over Teams or Chorus.  This Service Request allows users of Chorus or Telephony over Teams to have their Caller-ID adjusted to show a default University of Oxford Caller-ID, or that of their College or Department enquiries line, or that of their Senior Manager in the case of Executive Assistants on Chorus.


  • Analogue lines - An analogue line is a Chorus extension supplied on copper cabling like a BT line.  They support older equipment, lift lines, alarms and will continue to work in the case of an outage to Chorus Telephony.  Complete this Service Request to have an analogue line installed.
  • Critical lines - A critical line is the same as an analogue line, but with a 4 hour response from our suppliers in the case of outages.  For more information about analogue and critical lines, please see the associated help page.
  • Call Reporting - Chorus offers access to a call reporting service, which will allow local ITSS or Administrators to track call volumes, cost per line, and activity history on individual extensions.  This Service Request allows users to request access and log in details from the Chorus team.
  • Freephone - If you have a need for the people calling you to not incur any call costs, Chorus can set up a freephone line.  Call costs will charged to a University Cost Code.  Complete this Service Request for a freephone line, and please see the Chorus help pages for further information.
  • Hardware Configuration - Gigaset DECT phones require configuration by the Chorus team before they will work.  Complete this Service Request to ask for hardware to be configured.


  • Access to Phoneman.  Phoneman is a devolved administration tool, which enables ITSS and College/Department Administrators to manage their users and extensions.  Complete this Service Request to set up users on Phoneman.
  • Phoneman Extension Amendments.  Complete this Service Request to add or remove numbers to your College or Department's allocation of extensions.
  • Phoneman Executive Assistant Group Amendments.  Chorus can configure an assistant's handset to allow an assistant to receive and make calls on behalf of the Executive they support.  Fill in this Service Request to gain access to this functionality.

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