Local IT Support Staff

Note undergraduates will generally contact their college IT team for support.

College Name IT Support Email Support Number (unless stated otherwise)
All Souls College support@all-souls.ox.ac.uk 79379 (Lodge)
Balliol College helpdesk@balliol.ox.ac.uk 77777 (Lodge) 
Brasenose College computer.office@bnc.ox.ac.uk 77513
Christ Church it-help@chch.ox.ac.uk 86001
Corpus Christi College it-support@ccc.ox.ac.uk 86546
Exeter College it-help@exeter.ox.ac.uk 79600 (Lodge)
Green Templeton College it-support@gtc.ox.ac.uk 84796/7
Harris Manchester College it-support@hmc.ox.ac.uk 81462
Hertford College help@hertford.ox.ac.uk 79447
Jesus College it-support@jesus.ox.ac.uk 79700 (Lodge)
Keble College it-support@keble.ox.ac.uk 72788
Kellogg College it-support@kellogg.ox.ac.uk 12000 (Reception)
Lady Margaret Hall it-support@lmh.ox.ac.uk 19111
Linacre College support@linacre.ox.ac.uk 71659
Lincoln College help@lincoln.ox.ac.uk 79805
Magdalen College computer.office@magd.ox.ac.uk 76112
Mansfield College it-support@mansfield.ox.ac.uk 70999 (Lodge)
Merton College it-support@merton.ox.ac.uk 76310 (Lodge)
New College it-support@new.ox.ac.uk 89094
Nuffield College it@nuffield.ox.ac.uk 78500 (Lodge)
Oriel College it-support@oriel.ox.ac.uk 86546
Pembroke College it-help@pmb.ox.ac.uk 86001
The Queen's College it-support@queens.ox.ac.uk 79205
Somerville College helpdesk@some.ox.ac.uk 70597
St Anne's College it-support@st-annes.ox.ac.uk 84527
St Antony's College it-support@sant.ox.ac.uk 84700 (Lodge)
St Catherine's College it-support@stcatz.ox.ac.uk 71700 (Lodge)
St Cross College itsupport@stx.ox.ac.uk 78475
St Edmund Hall it-support@seh.ox.ac.uk 79044
St Hilda's College it-support@st-hildas.ox.ac.uk 76884 (Lodge)
St Hugh's College it-support@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk 74900 (Lodge)
St John's College it-support@sjc.ox.ac.uk 77365
St Peter's College it-help@spc.ox.ac.uk 86001
Trinity College support@trinity.ox.ac.uk 79900 (Lodge)
University College helpdesk@univ.ox.ac.uk 76618
Wadham College it-support@wadham.ox.ac.uk 77900
Wolfson College it.support@wolfson.ox.ac.uk 74121
Worcester College ithelpdesk@worc.ox.ac.uk 88343
Department IT Support Email Support Number (unless stated otherwise)
African Studies    it.support@area.ox.ac.uk 74629
Archaeology      help@arch.ox.ac.uk 85205
Area Studies   it-support@area.ox.ac.uk 74629
Ashmolean Museum   it@museums.ox.ac.uk 78030
Biochemistry ithelp@bioch.ox.ac.uk 13308
Biomedical Sciences ithelp@medsci.ox.ac.uk 80030
Blavatnik School of Government ict@bsg.ox.ac.uk 14364
CSAE csae.itsupport@economics.ox.ac.uk 71078
Chemistry help@itsupport.chem.ox.ac.uk 75925
Classics   itsupport@classics.ox.ac.uk 88264
COMPAS it.support@anthro.ox.ac.uk 74629
Computer Science support@cs.ox.ac.uk 10810
CTSU it.mailbox@ndph.ox.ac.uk 43743 (reception)
Continuing Education it-support@conted.ox.ac.uk 80150
Continuing Education (online courses) tallithelp@conted.ox.ac.uk 80990
Doctoral Training (MPLS) it-support@dtc.ox.ac.uk 10668
DPAG it-support@dpag.ox.ac.uk 72519
Earth Sciences helpdesk@earth.ox.ac.uk 82136
Economics   itsupport@manor-road.ox.ac.uk 84240
Education   ithelpdesk@education.ox.ac.uk 74027 (reception)
Engineering Science it.support@eng.ox.ac.uk 73069
English   it-support@ell.ox.ac.uk 71055 (reception)
Experimental Psychology      itsupport@psy.ox.ac.uk 71444 
Graduate Accommodation graduate.accommodation@admin.ox.ac.uk 80923
History     itsupport@history.ox.ac.uk 15031/2
History of Art   itsupport@history.ox.ac.uk 15031/2
History of Medicine itsupport@history.ox.ac.uk 15031/2
Human Sciences it.support@anthro.ox.ac.uk 74629
International Development  it-support@qeh.ox.ac.uk 81821
Internet Institute   help@oii.ox.ac.uk 87217
ISCA   it.support@anthro.ox.ac.uk 74629
Isis Innovation it.support@isis.ox.ac.uk 80824
IT Services help@it.ox.ac.uk 12345
Law it-support@law.ox.ac.uk 81269
Linguistics Philology  it-support@ling-phil.ox.ac.uk 70448
Martin School   it-support@oxfordmartin.ox.ac.uk 87430 (reception)
Materials  itsupport@materials.ox.ac.uk 73667
Maths Institute   help@maths.ox.ac.uk 73629
Medical Sciences (MSD IT main) ithelp@medsci.ox.ac.uk 80030
Modern Languages it-support@mod-langs.ox.ac.uk 70487
Music   itsupport@music.ox.ac.uk 76140
NDCN it-support@ndcn.ox.ac.uk  
NDWRH - Women's & Reproductive Health ithelp@medsci.ox.ac.uk 280030
NDORMS (Botnar) it@ndorms.ox.ac.uk  
NDORMS (Kennedy) it-support@kennedy.ox.ac.uk  
Nissan Institute   it-support@sant.ox.ac.uk 84700
NPEU  it.mailbox@ndph.ox.ac.uk 55321323
OeRC support@oerc.ox.ac.uk 10739
Oncology it@oncology.ox.ac.uk 17432
Oriental Institute  it-support@orinst.ox.ac.uk 88201
Oxford Man it-support@oxford-man.ox.ac.uk 16600 (reception)
Pharmacology  it@pharm.ox.ac.uk 71850 (reception)
Philosophy  it.support@philosophy.ox.ac.uk 15347
Physics  itsupport@physics.ox.ac.uk 73485 (west site) 73388 (east site)
Plant Sciences  itsupport@plants.ox.ac.uk 75090
Politics  itsupport@manor-road.ox.ac.uk 84240
Population Ageing   nsms@it.ox.ac.uk 73209
Population Health  it.mailbox@ndph.ox.ac.uk 43743 (reception)
Psychiatry ithelp@medsci.ox.ac.uk 80030
Ruskin School of Art it-support@rsa.ox.ac.uk 76940 (reception)
Said Business School it@sbs.ox.ac.uk 88868
School of Anthropology  it.support@anthro.ox.ac.uk 74629
Smith School enquiries@smithschool.ox.ac.uk 14963 (reception)
Social Policy and Intervention itdesk@spi.ox.ac.uk 70325 (reception)
Sociology itsupport@manor-road.ox.ac.uk 84240
SoGE itsupport@ouce.ox.ac.uk 85089
Statistics  ithelp@stats.ox.ac.uk 72860 (reception)
Theology Faculty   it-support@theology.ox.ac.uk 70790 (reception)
Tropical Medicine   ithelp@medsci.ox.ac.uk 80030
UAS help@it.ox.ac.uk 12345
Zoology   support@zoo.ox.ac.uk 81186


PPH Name IT Support Email Support Number (unless stated otherwise)


78400 (Lodge)
Campion Hall it-support@campion.ox.ac.uk N/A
Regent's Park College it-support@regents.ox.ac.uk 88120 (Lodge)
St Benet's Hall it-support@stb.ox.ac.uk 80556 (Lodge)
St Stephen's House it-support@ssho.ox.ac.uk 13500 (College Secretary)
Wycliffe Hall it@wycliffe.ox.ac.uk 74200 (Lodge)



Please send updates to this page to: its3@it.ox.ac.uk



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