Microsoft Stream migration

Company-wide channel owners have already been contacted about their content, as have group owners and their content has been moved to a Team or Group, or to an alternative location for company-wide videos.  

User-owned content will be migrated starting from 04 March 2024 and be completed by the end of March 2024. All user-owned content will be moved to user’s OneDrive for Business instances, allowing users to view the content and either keep or delete where appropriate. 

How to view the content you have in Stream Classic

Go to and select My Content > Videos menu to view any videos you own. Note that videos that are co-owned will be migrated as part of the original owner’s migration job and any original shares or permissions will be preserved if that content is moved to their OneDrive for Business instance. Channels are not migrated 'as is', only videos.

If you take action now and delete any content from Stream Classic, it will not be migrated as all containers are scanned for changes before the migration takes place.

How to find your migrated videos

For User-owned content: This will be found in a folder in your OneDrive called Stream Migrated Videos 

For Group / Team content: This will be found in your Group or Team SharePoint site in the Documents area, in a folder called Stream Migrated Videos

What to do if you think a video is lost

If a video was deleted by the original owner regardless of who it was shared with, those videos will not be recoverable. If you think a video is lost, you should log a support call with the Central IT Service Desk with the summary 'lost video in Stream'. Provide as much detail as possible about the missing video, including who the original owner was, and the name of the video. IT Services can then check the migration records to see if the video was migrated. Bear in mind that submitting a request to locate a lost video is no guarantee that it can be found. 

What happens after the service closes on 14 April 2024?

All existing content in the Stream Classic service will be deleted and users will no longer have access to their videos via

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