Nexus365: Getting started


In order to log into Nexus365, you must first activate your account and set a Single Sign-On password.  You must also have set-up a second factor authentication.

All members of the University are automatically given an Oxford Username once a University card has been issued. This Oxford Username has a Single Sign-On (or SSO) password. Further information is available about your IT Services accounts.



Nexus365 is cloud-based, so all the available apps can be accessed via a web browser as well as using mobile apps and desktop applications. You can get started by logging into the Nexus365 web portal – the top level page from which you can navigate to all the available Nexus365 apps by selecting the relevant app icon. Once in an app, such Outlook email, you can then use the App Launcher [Waffle] at the upper left corner or the window to go to other apps.

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We have instructions on setting up email applications on your iPhone or iPad, Android device, Windows and Apple Mac computers, and manual settings for alternative email clients to access your Nexus365 email mailbox

The Nexus365 tools can be accessed directly through the relevant web page for a particular app, for example:

Nexus365 can be accessed on mobile devices using Office apps for iOS, Android and Windows 10 mobile.

Many of the Nexus365 applications such as email, OneDrive and Teams can be accessed through desktop applications.

  • Download Office365.  You will need to follow the instructions that refer to signing in with a ‘work or school account’. All staff and students get 5 user licenses, meaning you are entitled to install and activate up to 5 copies of Microsoft Office software on personal computers or mobile devices.
  • Download the OneDrive for Business app.
  • Download the Teams app - this is also available to download from within your Teams web app
  1. Click on the My account button (your photo or initials) in the top right-hand corner of whichever app you are in
  2. Select My Office profile
  3. This will open your profile page in Delve, where you can add information, upload a photograph or change other details

Finishing IT use at Oxford

For information about your Nexus365 account when you leave the University of Oxford please see the Finishing IT use at Oxford page.