Nexus365 Guest accounts

Guest users can be invited by Nexus365 users to collaborate and once the guest accepts the invitation a guest account is created. They will then be able to access the resources that they have been granted access to.

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Guest accounts can be used across several Nexus365 tools, such as TeamsSharepoint and OneDrive.

When inviting guests to Teams and SharePoint:

  • Only the Team Owner can invite guests to a Team.
  • SharePoint sites require that external user access is enabled.  If not applied when the site is requested, this setting can be switched on through IT Self Service.

Enable External Sharing for a SharePoint Site

The user experience when accepting a Guest invitation differs depending on the recipients email account.  The different account types being:

  • Within another organisation's Microsoft 365 tenancy
  • A personal Microsoft account
  • Any other email account

A guest's home organisation may also prevent an account from being used as a guest of another Microsoft 365 Tenant, such as Nexus365.

Guest accounts are administered outside of Nexus365, we are unable to assist with password resets or other account related issues.

Guest access to Nexus365 requires the acceptance of the invitation and the terms and conditions of use presented when first accessing our services.

To prevent issues with cached credentials, sharing links should be opened with a fresh browser session or a private browser window.

If someone cannot access the content shared with them, check you have shared or invited them using the correct email address.

Guest accounts do not have a defined end date. However, accounts that have not accessed a Nexus365 service for more than 13 months will trigger a winddown process.  

Accounts will initially be disabled for 61 days before being secluded for deletion. 

Disabled accounts can be re-enabled on request and deleted accounts can be recovered up to 30 days after they have been deleted.

If guest access is required again after the 30 days deletion date, they will need to be re-invited by the Nexus365 user wishing to share content with them. 

Guest accounts that do not accept the initial sharing invitation are deleted after 90 days. If required, they will need to be invited again after this.

When a disabled account is accessed the user is presented with the message:

Your Account has been locked. Contact your support person to unlock it, then try again.

If re-enabled, the account can access the content previously shared with it.

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