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Getting Started Guide

  Getting Started Nexus365

 Accessing Nexus365 via the Internet

  The quickest way to get access to your email and calendar on the first day is via the web.

 1. Open any web browser

 2. Navigate to

  OWA Sign In

  3. Enter your Oxford Username with the suffix @OX.AC.UK (making sure it is capitalised).

  For example, ouit1234@OX.AC.UKNo password is required at this stage.  This will redirect you to the standard University of Oxford webauth login screen:

  Webauth sign in

  If you need help with your Oxford Username and understanding SSO (Single Sign-On) please visit

  4. Log in with your SSO (Single Sign On) username and password as usual.  If it is the first time you are logging into Nexus365 you will be prompted to enter a language and time zone into a pop-up box.  Select those most appropriate to you and click SAVE.  You will now be taken directly to you email.

  5. To see your calendar and contacts, click the relevant icon on the bottom left of your screen:  Select Calendar

  Or to access these and other Nexus365 functionality available to you click the app launcher 'waffle' icon in the top left of your screen.

   Waffle icon

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 10 April 2018