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Canvas and Replay

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Panopto is fully integrated with Canvas and can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the learning experience. Once a student or faculty member logs into Canvas, they’ll automatically login to Panopto as well. This page will inform on how to use Panopto on Canvas, and how it can be utilised within courses, pages and assignments.

1. How to access your personal folder on Canvas.

Every user with a University SSO may access Panopto, as well as having a personal Panopto folder. The personal folder is a secure location only the user has access to where they may record and upload teaching material. You can access your personal Panopto folder directly in Canvas. To do so:

  1. Log into Canvas using your SSO
  2. Click the account button on the left-hand side menu of the Canvas website
  3. On the menu that opens, click ‘My Panopto Folder’
  4. This will link to an embedded window of Panopto. This view of Panopto is very limited and has restricted features. For the full Panopto experience, locate and click on the expansion icon (highlighted in the below graphic) to open your Panopto personal folder in a new browser tab.
  5. You can then use the Create button to install the Manual Recorder and/or upload recordings

This image shows the account button and expand Panopto button within the Canvas Panopto page.

2. Adding Panopto to Canvas Course dashboard

Direct access to Panopto can be given to each Canvas course you administer. By linking Panopto to Canvas, you create a unique Panopto folder than can host all the recordings teaching materials in one easy to access location.  To enable Panopto:

  1. Log into Canvas using your SSO
  2. Click on the 'Courses' tab
  3. Click 'All Courses'
  4. Click on the course you have access to
  5. Click 'Settings'
  6. Click 'Navigation'
  7. Drag up the Panopto Recordings tab into the higher panel. The below panel shows what tabs are hidden to the student
  8. Click 'Save' at the bottom

Note, it is very important to note that Panopto can get confused which folder to go to if you have multiple courses open in different internet. To this extent, try to use Canvas and its associated Panopto folder 1 tab at a time.

Panopto offer very detailed instructions on how to enable Panopto on a Canvas course which can be viewed on their website. 

3. Recording direct to your Canvas Course Panopto folder

As a creator of Panopto recordings if you navigate to your Canvas Course and click the Panopto recordings tool you will see a menu for creating new recordings. Recordings and webcasts are automatically uploaded and published to the associated Canvas course Panopto folder.  After you have created a recording, it uploads automatically.


When finished uploading refresh the Canvas browser window and you can see your recording. You now have additional options to edit further, delete a recording or move to another course folder. 

A training video that shows the basics of using the manual recorder to login through the Oxford Canvas VLE and record a PowerPoint with audio is here: Recording a PowerPoint talk

A training video that covers the task of moving videos to a specific course is available here: Moving panopto videos to a Canvas course site

4. How to embed and upload Panopto recordings on a Canvas page

Panopto recordings and webcasts automatically publish to the associated Canvas course, and can also be embedded directly into a Canvas page by an instructor. Using the Panopto LTI tool, lecture recordings hosted on Panopto can be embedded into pages that have access to a text editor, such as Pages, Announcements, Assignments, or Discussions. The following steps uses the Assignments page as an example page that you might wish to add a Panopto video - 

  1. Click the Assignments option on the Courses sub-men u. On the new window that opens, click + Assignment on the right side of the window. This will create a new assignment.
  2. A text editor should now be visible. Assignment content can be added as normal. When a Panopto video needs to be inserted, click the green Panopto icon located within the text editor. 
  3. On the new window that opens, there will be 3 options. Choose, Upload, and Record. Select Choose. Above Choose, you can use the drop-down menu to select Panopto folders that you have access to. Navigate to the folder you require and select the recording you wish to embed. When the recording has been highlighted, Video embed options will become available. This will allow you to change the size and start time. Ensure Enable ‘Watch in Panopto’ is ticked. Click insert when finished.
  4. Once all the other relevant Assignment information is added, click ‘Save & Publish’.

This image shows the window that pops up when embedding Panopto content into an assignments page

Note, if the recording is moved to a different folder, the recording will need to be re-added to the Assignment page.

Using similar steps to above, you can the Panopto LTI tool to upload video or audio files into Canvas. Using steps 1 and 2 above:

3a. On the new window that opens, select the upload option and click ‘Choose video or audio files.’ Using the finder, locate the media to be uploaded and click ok. Panopto will automatically upload this and begin processing. Allow the service a few moments to do this. You will have access to Video Embed options to change the size and start time. Click insert when finished.

4a. Once all the other relevant Assignment information is added, click ‘Save & Publish’.

Panopto offer very detailed instructions on how to embed Panopto in Canvas on their website which you can view here.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 20 April 2020