Embedding Panopto content in Canvas


Panopto videos can be inserted into Canvas pages that are editable with a text box. The following pages that allow this include: Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, Syllabus, and Quizzes.

Panopto activation required

You must have activated Panopto on your Canvas course and have an associated Panopto folder.


The following guide will use the Assignments page - all Canvas pages have similar or identical processes.

1. Open the Assignments tab. On the new page, create or edit an existing assignment. 

  • If you are editing an existing assignment, click the 3 dots that appear when hovering over it. Select 'Edit'. On the new window, select 'more options'.
new assingment canvas

Fig 1. Click Assignment to create a new assignment, or the highlighted 3 dots to edit an existing assignment.


2. On the new page, a text box editor (TBE) will be available. The TBE has a built in option to embed Panopto content. To access this, click the green Panopto icon (highlighted below):

canvas text box

Fig 2. The Panopto embed feature highlighted within the TBE.


3. Clicking on the Panopto icon will cause a window to pop-up. Here you have the choice to 'Choose' content from a linked Panopto folder, 'Upload' content, or 'Record' content.

  • 'Choose' defaults to material stored in the Panopto folder associated with the Canvas course. You can choose other folders you have access to using the drop-down window. Guidance is available on how to link Panopto to a Canvas course dashboard.
  • 'Upload' allows you to upload video or audio files to Panopto and show them here. Your material will be stored on the Panopto cloud and you can choose the folder location using the drop-down window.
  • 'Record' allows you to record a Panopto session directly into the page. You can use the Panopto Manual Recorder (installed on your computer) or Panopto's Browser Capture and your material will be stored on the Panopto cloud. You can choose the folder location using the dropdown window.
  • 'Choose' is the most commonly used option.
canvas panopto embed window

Fig 3. Panopto recording embed tool within Canvas.


4. Select your content. The following options will appear:

video embed options canvas

Fig 4. Video embed options on Panopto.


  • Aspect Ratio: Choose from 16:9 (default), 4:3, or Custom. The aspect ratio describes the proportional relationship between the video's height and width. 
  • Width and Height: Adjust the size of the embedded video player in pixels. If you select an aspect ration of 16:9 or 4:3, the height will adjust automatically based on the width. If you select a custom aspect ratio, you may adjust the width and height independently. 
  • Start At (in seconds): Controls the time in the video where playback will start. 
  • Interactivity: Choose from All, Search and Rating Only, or None. All will allow a viewer to search within the video, rate the video, access the table of contents, make notes,  and add discussion posts. Search and Rating Only will allow a viewer to only search through the video and rate it but not access the other interactive features. None removes all of the interactive features. 
  • Autoplay: Select this option to have the video begin playing automatically when the webpage loads. 
  • Enable 'Watch in Panopto': Select this option to display an arrow that allows a viewer to open the video in the full interactive player.
  • Show Title: Select this option to display the title of the video at the top of the player. 
  • Show Logo: Select this option to display your organisation's embedded logo in the player. 

Select your options (if required), then click 'Insert'.


5. Panopto content has now been embedded into Canvas. Once finished editing this area, click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.


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