Browser-based Panopto Capture recorder

For those who can't use the Panopto manual recorder (e.g. Linux users, Chromebook users, or macOS users running the latest M1 hardware), a browser-based recorder, named Panopto Capture, is available and currently in beta.

Panopto Capture can be launched from the Create button at the top of the Panopto portal (Fig. 1).

panopto capture create

Fig. 1. Use Panopto Capture, via the Create menu at the top of the Panopto portal, to record in browser


Instructions for using Panopto Capture can be found here.

It is recommended to use Google Chrome when using Panopto Capture. Mozilla Firefox has some idiosyncracies when capturing PowerPoint presentations using Panopto Capture, but workarounds for Firefox are detailed here. Apple Safari is currently unsupported.

For macOS users running 10.15 (Catalina) or above, you may need to provide additional permissions.

Unlike the manual recorder (Panopto for Windows and Panopto for Mac), Panopto Capture will only capture PowerPoint and Keynote presentations as screen streams, rather than slide streams.

It is recommended to continue to use the manual recorder where possible.

This page will be updated with further information in due course.

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