How to build a Panopto session

1. To start, click the blue '+ Create' button:

Screenshot of highlighted '+Create' button


2. Select 'Build a session' from the pop-out menu:

Screenshot of highlighted 'Build a session' option


3. On the new window that opens give the session a name, select the folder location, add a description (optional) then click 'Create':

Screenshot of 'Build a session' options with highlighted 'Create' button


4. The editor will now open in 'Build a session' mode, starting with adding your Primary video or audio. This is usually video or audio of the presenter and appears on the upper left side of the viewer. Add video or audio by dragging and dropping the file here, or click to open a file explorer and choose the file from your computer: 

Screenshot of the 'Upload your primary stream' window

Uploading primary streams

This source should have the main audio you want to have for the recording.

  • While that uploads you can add one or more secondary sources (often a screen capture video), another primary video feed, or a PowerPoint file
  • You will see that your videos are uploading and processing to the left of the upload pane
Screenshot of highlighted Primary stream upload processing


5. Once the files are uploaded and done processing, the video can be edited like any other video. When you are ready, click 'Apply' in the top-right corner.

  • You can always go back and manage your session by clicking on the 'Edit' icon next to the session in your folder

Aligning PowerPoint slides with spoken audio

Once you have uploaded all of the relevant media for your session, you will need to synchronise your slides with your audio. This will allow the slides to automatically advance at the relevant time and not rely on the viewer to manually advance the slides.

  1. Open your video in the online editor
  2. From within the editor, click 'Slides' option on the lefthand side
  3. Click on the timeline where you want a slide to start (this will leave a red line)
Screenshot of highlighted 'Slides' stream

     4. Click the '+' on the slide you wish to add

Screenshot of highlighted 'add slide +' button
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add more slides, if required
  • Additionally, the timing of each slide can be fine tuned by clicking the 3 vertical dots next to the slide, clicking 'Edit' and manually adjusting the time value
Screenshot of highlighted 'Edit' slide location


Last updated 20/07/2023

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