How to use start-before-login VPN

Use SBL VPN to connect your PC to a trusted Oxford network before you login. This ensures that all login and account management features are available, all PC settings can be applied and your network drives can be enabled.

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  1. Start your PC and go to the Windows login screen with the username and password fields
  2. In the bottom-right corner of the screen there will be several icons:

    Capture of the Windows login screen showing the start-before-login VPN icon next to the normal network, ease-of-access and power icons


    Name Icon Purpose
    Power Circle broken by a vertical line at the top Select to turn off, restart, hibernate or sleep your PC from this screen
    Ease of use Dashed circle with a down-and-right arrow Select to enable accessibility features such as narrator and visibility options
    Network Globe, WiFi sign, or screen with connector Indicates your current network connection status – select to choose a WiFi network
    SBL VPN Two-screens Select to activate VPN before you login

    If you have the SBL VPN icon then this feature is installed and available for use.

Submit an application request, stating that you would like start-before-login VPN


  1. Start your PC and let it get to the Windows login screen
  2. Select the SBL VPN icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen (the icon looks like a pair of screens)
  3. Ensure that the VPN address is set to and select Connect
  4. Enter your remote access username and password. Your remote access username should be entered in the form abcd1234
  5. Select OK

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