How to change your CONNECT password

Method 1: from a managed staff desktop

If you are already logged into a managed staff desktop then you can change your password as follows:

  1. Connect to VPN if you are on wifi or working remotely
  2. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del and select Change a password
  3. Enter your current password, new password and new password confirmation
  4. Click the arrow  to proceed
  5. Your password will be changed

Method 2: from a web browser on another computer

You can also change your password from any other computer or mobile by following the steps below. For security reasons we recommend that you only do this from another managed staff desktop and when no-one can oversee you. If you do need to change your password from another computer then you must ensure that it is fully secure and updated, has up-to-date antivirus software installed, is maintained by a competent administrator, and is trusted by you.

  1. Connect to VPN if you are on wifi or working remotely
  2. Open a web browser and visit
  3. Enter your CONNECT username (usually of the form abcd1234) and click OK
  4. Click on Manage My Passwords
  5. Enter your current password when prompted and click Next
  6. Enter the new password you would like to set, twice for confirmation, and click Next
  7. Your password will be changed

Important note: any computer you have logged into with your old password will need to be connected to a University wired network or the VPN before your new password is recognised. Managed staff desktops in University offices will pick this up automatically. A laptop that you have logged into recently will need your old password until it has been connected to a wired network in University buildings or via the VPN.

Further Information

Your CONNECT username is the one you use to access your managed staff desktop or the remote desktop service. This is usually same as your Oxford single sign-on username.

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