Chorus Billing

The Chorus Service billing is calculated per billing unit as an annual charge.

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The service charge for Chorus consist of two main parts:

  1. An annual charge (line rental, as listed in the table below) for owning a number (linked to a system license behind it), and
  2. A £4.50 flat rate call charge bundle per line, subject to a fair use policy, (further details below).

To find out about running reports on call usage, please see the call reporting page.

In addition: if the number is an analogue connection then a £75 p.a. fee is added to the standard charge.


Financial year 2018/2019 2019/2020 2020/2021 2021/2022 2022/2023 2023/2024
Line rental £54 per line £56 per line £56 per line £56 per line £61 per line £63 per line
Call charge bundle £4.50 per line £4.50 per line £4.50 per line £4.50 per line £4.50 per line £4.50 per line
Analogue line rental £129 (£54+£75) £131(£56+£75) £131(£56+£75) £131(£56+£75) £136 (£61+£75) £138 (£63+£75)
Critical line rental £154 (£54 +£100) £156 (£56 +£100) £56 £56 £61 £63


The standard line rental has increased by £2.00 due to a reduction in the mix of line types but the call charge rate has been maintained at the current rate of GBP 4.50.

The critical line rental charge has been removed so as not to discourage these lines when they are required.

Each year a 'snapshot' is taken on the 31st of January to capture the total number of lines in use by each College and Department.  This snapshot forms the basis of their billing for the following financial year.  We will send a reminder out each year to College and Department Administrators so that you can remove any unused extensions and reduce your bill, but it is also advisable to keep your allocated extensions up-to-date throughout the year.  You can add or remove extensions by completing the Chorus Phoneman Extension Amendments service request.

Each unit that exceeds their call charge bundle (quantity of numbers x £4.5 per number) by our materiality limit will be charged by the total additional amount – this will be assessed as it occurs.

To find out about running reports on call usage, please see the call reporting page.

Departments will be billed via Oracle and Colleges via invoice annually.  Telephone bills do not include detailed call charges, this information is available to telephone administrators the reporting interface - please see the popular links on the right of this page.  The Chorus service team can assist in setting up additional queries and reports to assist with self-service billing enquiries.

Each extension record in the billing database has a cost code.  The line rental and call charge bundle will be charged to that cost code. 

In the event that the extension is used by a person with a joint appointment, it is the responsibility of the unit to reclaim the costs from the other unit involved (if required), the Chorus service is not able to split bills.

Some enhanced telephony features incur additional charges for installation, as detailed below.


Category Name Description Price for installation
New numbers DDI DDI (Direct Dial Inwards) numbers can be dialled from outside the university.  Ongoing charge p.a. is £54. £200
Non-DDI These numbers can be called internally only. Ongoing charge p.a. is £54. £100
  New phones See details on the chorus supported devices page  
Analogue lines Basic analogue lines These lines support devices that only work with analogue.  Ongoing charge is £129 p.a. £200
Critical or emergency lines These lines are also analogue but have an SLA of 4 hours response (on the kit supported by ATOS, not the cabling)  Ongoing charge is £154 p.a. £200
Special equipment DECT wireless phones (GIGASETS)   £50
Polycom conference phones   £50
ATA VoIP to Analogue adapter. £50


Other setups such as contact centres, intercoms, new buildings and refurbishments priced on request.

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