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IT Services has a range of services in the digital media area and the following links will take you to the main help sections for each.

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The Lecture Capture service enables you to record your lectures and make them available to your students via WebLearn. Podcasts help you reach a wider audience outside of the traditional classroom environment, and the Digital Video Production and Live Streaming Service provides you with the facility to create broadcast quality video for research, teaching or promotional material.

These services are run and supported by Educational Media Services group.

There are two centrally hosted content management systems (CMS) currently operated by IT Services. These are the Oxford Mosaic Service (open to all) and Site Manager (UAS only). Alternatively for those needing specialist web services there is the bespoke web hosting service which will build a web system to your needs. Details of all are available thorugh the following links:

We also offer a related Linux service which provides access to a wide range of useful software packages, but does not include any commercial programs. This service also comes with a small amount of free web space on where you can build a HTML-based web site, if your needs do not require CMS or specialist hosting options outlined above. See the following links for details on activating and using both features.

We have a dedicated mobile and applications team who can develop apps to help bring your University initiative alive. Some examples of our work include:

If you have ideas for new mobile apps and want to talk about the possibilities the contact the team via the Service Desk.

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