Windows updates failed on managed staff PC

Applies to: managed staff desktops and laptops


You may see a notification advising that updates have failed, usually titled "Unable to make changes to your software".

Software Centre shows that updates have failed.


  1. Select Start  , type software centre and press Enter to open Software Centre, then select the Installation status section
  2. If this says "no items found" then all available updates have installed OK
  3. If updates are listed with a status of "Failed" then follow the solution below


  1. Select Start  > Power  > Restart   to restart your PC, then sign-in again
  2. Open Software Centre and select the Updates section
  3. If this says "no items found" then all updates have now installed OK
  4. If there are updates listed then select "Update all" at the top and wait for updates to complete
  5. Select Restart if prompted (only after all the updates have been attempted)
  6. Repeat the steps above until all updates are installed or all remaining updates have failed
  7. Contact IT Services to report any remaining failed updates. Please tell us the asset number of your PC, and a convenient time when you can sign-out of Windows but leave your PC turned on. We will connect remotely to investigate and fix the issue

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