Accessories and peripherals for managed desktops

IT Services Purchasing can provide assistance on obtaining accessories from preferred suppliers and obtain quotes for all hardware. Prices shown on public websites will not reflect any agreements in place with preferred suppliers. We can obtain a quotation for you; simply submit a purchasing request with details of the equipment you wish to purchase.

Return To On-Site Working: headset and webcam provision

IT Services is working with departments to fit a standard headset and webcam to managed staff desktops where these are required for staff returning to on-site working. The same equipment will also be available for desktops configured for use at home.


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USB headsets and webcams from reputable brands such as Microsoft, Logitech and Jabra generally work well. Plug-and-play support means that these will setup automatically within a few minutes after plugging in and be ready for use in MS Teams, Chorus desktop, and other applications.

Bluetooth headsets can also be used on managed laptops.


Managed desktops are supplied with a wired keyboard and mouse. Wireless alternatives, or additional wired devices for use with laptops are available from Dell.



  • Portable adaptor for laptops: Dell DA200 Mobile Adapter (HDMI, VGA, USB-A, Ethernet, requires USB 3 Type-C port)
  • Portable adapter for laptops: Dell DA300 Mobile Adapter (as DA200 plus DisplayPort, USB-C and higher speeds)
  • Power bank: Dell PW7018LC Power Bank Plus Companion (65Wh, equivalent to a full recharge on most laptops)
  • Full laptop dock: Dell WD19 Dock (charging, mini-DisplayPort x2, HDMI, USB-C x2, USB-A x3, Ethernet, speaker-out, headset socket, requires USB 3 Type-C port)
  • Stylus / pen: Dell PN557W Active Pen (only suitable for use with tablet, 2-in-1 and convertible devices - will not work on standard laptops with a touchscreen upgrade)

If you require Thunderbolt connectivity please contact us to confirm requirements and hardware compatibility.

Most printing can be sent to a multi-function device provided by your department or facilities team. MFDs can generally print up to A3, duplex, monochrome or colour, and many include collate and staple options. Paper and toner are purchased directly by departments.

We can order any additional HP LaserJet printers and associated maintenance kits on your behalf.

For general help with printing from a managed staff desktop please see our printing guide.

Most scanning can be done on the multi-function devices available in departments. These generally take up to A3 sheets and include auto-feed for multi-page loose leaf documents. Scanned documents can be emailed directly to you in PDF format.

A flatbed scanner may be required for specialist scanning.


Most speakers connecting with via USB or 3.5mm jack will setup automatically when plugged in.

Dell soundbars are also available. These attach to most monitors, use the built-in power supply, and include a microphone and call control buttons for use with MS Teams, Skype for Business and equivalents.


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