Remote Access services

Remote Access accounts are different to Single Sign-On (SSO) accounts and are used to access the services below.

A Remote Access account can be registered, or the password changes through your Self-Registration pages, with any status queries clarified on the card entitlements page.


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The eduroam WiFi service allows you to access the internet from sites across the University and participating institutions around the world.

Further details regarding the eduroam service can be found on the How to connect to eduroam WiFi page.

Accessing most University facilities and resources requires only your SSO details, however a few have a security requirement of being connected to the Oxford University network.  The VPN service allows you to connect to the Oxford University network remotely.

Details of how to download and set up the Cisco AnyConnect VPN application are available on the VPN pages.

Many University facilities, such as Nexus365 email, can be accessed from anywhere on the internet after providing your SSO account details and completing a multi-factor authentication process.  Most library resources are also available in the same way, with further details available on the Library Services Remote Access page.

The facilities listed below are only accessible only from the University network, this being either physically connected to a wired connection within the University or connected through the VPN service.

The CONNECT Remote Desktop Service

Restricted University web pages (like the IT Services Online Shop)

Certain OxLIP resources (Oxford Libraries Information Platform)

Local college or departmental facilities are not necessarily available when using the VPN, these restrictions will need to be checked with your local IT staff.

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