Splitting a Panopto recording

This guide will demonstrate how to split a recording using a copying technique

The original recording will form 'Part A' and the copy will form 'Part B'

'Splitting a Panopto recording' step-by-step guide:

1. Create a copy (or as many as needed) of the recording. Hover over the recording to reveal a small tick box in the top left of the recording's icon. This will then reveal a 'Copy' option next to the folder organisation options. Click 'Copy':

copy recording option

Fig 1. Revealing the copy feature within Panopto


2. On the new window that has opened, use the drop-down menu to select the folder you wish to copy to. Once a folder has been selected, click the blue 'Copy' button (This will not show until a folder has been selected):

copy session window

Fig 2. The copy session window. Note there is no Copy option yet - this becomes visible after selecting a folder.


Copy session tips

  • It is best to use the same folder you are copying from to easier keep track of the recordings
  • After you have clicked the blue 'Copy' button, you may close the new window
  • Copied recordings can take a couple of minutes to reprocess


3. You will now notice that you have two copies, with the exact same names, within your folder. Select the first recording in the list (this is the copy). Open the settings of the copy and change the name. Under 'Session Information', click the 'Edit' option by the title. Add a new title (or suffix the original name with 'copy') and click 'Save' and close this window:

name settings overview panopto

Fig 3. Changing the name of a recording via the settings interface.


4. Open the original recording in the editor. The original recording will become 'Part A'.


5. In the editor, grey out the second half of the recording using the scissor tool. Once you have isolated the section you wish to form 'Part A', click 'Apply' and close the editor.

NB. There is a refresher video-guide on 'How to use the Panopto online editor' at the bottom of this page


6. Open the copy in the editor. This will become 'Part B'. Grey out the first half of the recording, click 'Apply' and close the editor:

panopto editor half edit

Fig 4. Using the editor to grey out the first half of the recording, making part B.


7. Finally, using guidance from step 3, rename the recording and the copy to distinguish between the two parts.

'How to use the Panopto online editor' video-guide:



Page last updated: 18/08/2022

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