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Notice: Telephony replacement project

In response to BT switching off analogue lines in late 2025, the Telephony Replacement Project is currently coordinating the replacement of centrally managed analogue and critical phone lines.  In future (likely later in 2025) the project will also be reviewing the Chorus VOIP (digital line) service. For more information see the Telephony replacement project webpage.


Simple guidance to send messages is below, however once logged into Messenger there are integrated help steps by clicking on the question mark icon next to the feature you are using. 

Next to the 'Help' tab in Messenger, there is a 'Wizard' tab.  Clicking on this allows you turn on a step-by-step Wizard which guides you through each step in the process.

Please also see the Textlocal guide to sending messages

Additionally, under the 'Help' tab, there is an option of selecting 'Video Tutorials' which links to the Textlocal help videos

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  1. Once logged in you will be at the main page (Dashboard)
  2. Hover over 'Send' from the menu and select 'Send Text Messages' from the drop-down, this will take you to the page to send messages
  3. On the left are the options to select where the message is to be sent to: 
  • Groups - select which members of a group to send to, to manage groups please see SMS groups and contacts
  • Inboxes - if you have inbound inboxes that recipients have sent messages to, you can send messages directly to all or a selection of them 
  • Contacts  - select which contacts to send to, to manage contacts please see SMS groups and contacts
  • Search - search individual contacts and send to any found contacts selected
  • Paste list - paste a list of contact numbers 
  • Single - enter a single contact number


  1. On the right is the 'Send Message Details'
  2. Select the Sender Name:
  • This will be what the recipients see when they receive texts. This is set to the default which is a text value so recipients cannot reply to these messages. 
  • You can add more sender Names or if you have a dedicated inbound long number you can add this number to receive replies.  Please see the 'Managing sender names' section below. 
  • Alternately you can select the 'Simple Reply Service ' which is a virtual number that the recipients can reply to - this will cost 1.5 credits
  1. Type in your message to send or use a template that can be managed under the 'Send' tab and selecting 'Templates & Drafts'
  2. Schedule a message if required 
  3. Click 'Send Message which will prompt with details and cost  and you can either then  'Cancel Send' or confirm by clicking 'Send Message'

Please see Textlocal how to set a sender name


A Sender name identifies who sent the message, this will be what the recipients see when they receive texts. 

These can either be up to 11 characters (which recipients cannot reply to) or if you want recipients to reply, you must set your sender name to a valid mobile number such as your personal mobile, or a Dedicated Inbound Number


To add or change a sender name:


  1. Go to Settings  All Settings  Sending & Receiving Messages  Sender Names
  2. Here you can create sender names, delete and set as default 

Another way to add a sender name:


  1. From the Send Text Messages page go to the 'Message Details'
  2. On the Sender Name dropdown choose 'Add Sender'
  3. Create your Sender name


Please see instructions on how to send emails to SMS

Templates are used for inserting pre-defined text into messages.  Please see the Textlocal guide on how to use templates.

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