Using your Chorus deskphone

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  • Handset mode: Lift handset and press OK
  • Hands-free mode: Press Speaker button, press OK
  • Headset mode: Press Headset button, press OK
  • Hands-free mode: Press Speaker button or OK
  • Headset mode: Press Headset button or OK
  • Handset mode: Replace handset
  • Hands-free mode: Press Speaker button
  • Headset mode: Press Headset button
  • During a call press Hold
  • To retrieve a call: press Hold again
  1. During a call with party A, press Transfer button
  2. Enter the phone number of party B and press OK
  3. Either:
    • press Transfer button while party B is ringing or
    • wait for party B to answer, announce the call and then press Transfer button
  • Press Mute and the LED lights to show all microphones are muted
  • Press Mute again to un-mute
  1. Lift handset and press Messages
  2. Use the Up and Down keys to display Call log and press OK
  3. Use the Up and Down keys to select Missed, Dialled, Received, or Forwarded calls
  4. Press OK
  5. Select the desired entry and press OK

When you miss a call the phone display will show a missed call icon and the number of calls that have been added. To clear this indicator:

  1. Press Messages
  2. Press Messages again
  3. The Missed Call indicator will clear from the phone display
  1. Press and hold the # key
  2. Press OK to confirm the lock
  1. Press OK (35G) or press the button below the display to unlock the phone
  2. Enter the password 123456 when prompted.  If you wish to have a different password, please contact the Service Desk to raise a support request with the Chorus Team
  1. Press Settings
  2. You will see Personal? Press OK
  3. If you have already put in contacts, you will see the list here.  Scroll down till you see New Contact? and press OK
  4. You will see Last Name =
  5. Press OK and fill in the details, continue till you have completed First Name and Number
  6. Choose Save and Exit to complete
  1. Press Directory on the right
  2. Press the New Contact button at the bottom of the screen
  3. Fill in the details
  4. Press the Save and Exit button at the bottom of the screen

DSS keys are used to monitor other people's lines. This is the preferred option for Manager/Assistant setups, and is similar to a BLF (Busy Lamp Field). Note that whenever a device has a DSS key, it will also have to have a primary line key labelled My Line.

Suppose your extension 19270 is the primary line on your phone, and you have a DSS key of 88667:

  • When 19270 is called, the key labelled My Line will flash. Pick up the receiver to take the call
  • When 88667 is called, the key labelled 88667 will flash.  Press the button to pick up the call
  • If someone else with a DSS key of 88667 has picked up the call, the light will be steady
  • If the light is not flashing or lit, press 88667 to ring 88667 (it works like a speed dial)

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