Web services at IT Services

Web hosting services

IT Services provides a range of web services to the University. The information below gives a brief overview and provides links to the web-related services.  We also have guidance for common web-related use cases.

Oxford Mosaic

Oxford Mosaic - a web publishing platform for the University. It provides an easy-to-use interface for publishing attractive, responsive websites. Centrally maintained and fully supported, Mosaic is a cost-effective and sustainable web publishing solution.

Find out more on the Oxford Mosaic website.

Personal web pages

The web publishing service provides all registered users with an allocation of space which can be used to host personal web sites using static html.  See our guide to managing personal web pages at Oxford.

Nexus365 SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that can be used for storing and sharing content securely, as well as to create secure websites, such as intranets.  Full information is available on the SharePoint service page.


The Educational Media Services team within University of Oxford IT Services regularly publishes podcasts to two parallel channels:

1.  University of Oxford Podcasts website

2.  University of Oxford site within Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes U)

A podcast is a series of audio or video files, placed online with a public URL, which can be downloaded to digital media players. You can also subscribe to podcasts via an RSS publishing feed, which means that all new content is updated to your feed automatically. See the Podcasting and Media Publishing webpage for learn more.

Single Sign-On

Oxford's Single Sign-On (SSO) is currently implemented using Shibboleth. SSO means that users of Shibboleth authenticated services, enter a username and a password only once (per session) to a central login server. Any further access to other Shibboleth based services are automatically and securely authenticated without the user being aware that this has happened.

Oxford username, Single Sign-On password and Multi-factor authentication

Managing your Single Sign-On password

Shibboleth / Federation how to guide

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