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Your dialling permissions are too restrictive - please contact your phoneman administrator to get this changed.  Please consult the list of phoneman administrators if you do not know who to contact.

By default, you can only receive one call.  However, you can have a second call waiting on a desk phone but this needs to be requested by contacting the Service Desk, who will raise this with the Chorus team.

Chorus phones run over the data network and are also powered by the same network.  In the event of a network or power outage, Chorus phones will not be available.  See also Critical Lines

Click on Services, User, enter the user password 123456, Phone, Energy Saving.  This is set to 1 minute by default.

You can dial **3 to pickup calls on your phone, or use the 'pickup' button on the handset.  However, you must have a pickup group configured to use this, which can be set up for you in phoneman by your phoneman administrator.

The source of the information that is displayed on the phone comes from the University's Core User Database (CUD).  The Chorus team cannot update this information manually.  Changes need to be made via your local Personnel team.  Once the change has been made, the information will filter through to the phone display.

The previous person’s details may be stored in your call log, producing the incorrect Caller ID; to rectify this:

On 35G (standard model phone)

When the phone is on hook, press the messages button and use the middle arrow buttons to scroll to the call log - delete the relevant entry

On 55G

Press the ‘Call log’ button repeatedly until the screen shows ‘Received Calls’ - delete the relevant entry

To call University numbers from outside the University (e.g. dialing from a mobile), dial the area code (01865) and the corresponding prefix before the 5-digit extension:


  • For 5-digit extensions starting with a 7 or 8, prefix with a 2 

          e.g. 01865 270000, 01865 280000


  • For 5-digit extensions starting with a 1, prefix with a 6

         e.g. 01865 610000

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