Chorus: How to re-program a device

IP35G and IP55G can be re-programmed by the local unit following the instructions below. 

To re-program Gigasets and Polycoms please liaise with the chorus team, as below.

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First, factory reset the device:

​​Follow these steps to perform a factory reset of the Unify phone:

  1. ​​Hold 289 keys down at the same time.
  2. ​​The phone will then ask for a reset password.
  3. ​​​​Type 124816, press OK, and the phone will reset back to asking for the terminal number.

Next, enter the university extension number (terminal number), in the format:




Please ensure that the correct number is keyed in, as entering a wrong number will require a factory reset for the phone.


This is for a device that has been previously configured to swap and/or add extensions - for new Gigasets please see the next section.

Find the IP address of the base.  This can be done by tapping the blue button in the middle of the base which will page any paired handsets, displaying the IP address.


Send an email the IP address of the base to the Chorus team, with the required extension changes.

Here are instructions on how to find the IP address on a gigaset base.

This product will require configuration by the Chorus team before you can use it. 

When you receive your order for this device, please send it to on Chorus (IT Services, Dartington House) for configuration and fill in the Chorus Hardware configuration Service Request once you have received your order.

(The Service Request will include where it will be deployed, the VLAN to configure it with, and the numbers you want the device to support).

There is a £50 charge for initial configuration, please see charges for new items.

This is for a Polycom device (VoIP models IP6000 and IP7000) that have been previously configured - for new Polycoms please see advice in the next section.


Send a Poycom re-configuration email with the 12 character MAC address and the extension you want the device to use.

The Chorus team can configure Polycoms remotely. 

There is a £50 charge for initial configuration, please see charges for new items

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