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Connect to Wi-Fi Using the eduroam Configuration Access Tool

Before you can connect to eduroam Wi-Fi you need to have a Remote Access username and password. You can set this up at: Your remote access account is not the same as your Single Sign-On (SSO) account.

If you are on the University campus you can temporarily connect to the OWL Wi-Fi network without a password to set up your Remote Access Account and download the eduroam CAT tool described in the steps below.

Download and install the eduroam CAT

  1. Go to: and click eduroam user: download your eduroam installer.

Eduroam Cat installer screenshot


  1. Select University of Oxford.

eduroam cat installer - home institution listing screenshot


  1. If you have an Android, click Android, otherwise click All other systems.

    1. Click Download your eduroam installer followed by Continue.

    Download eduroam cat installer - windows 7 - screenshot

    Your operating system should have been selected automatically. If this hasn’t happened click the All platforms link and select your operating system from the list:

    Screenshot of eduroam cat list of installers


    1. Open and Run the file you have just downloaded:

    Run eduroam cat installer screenshot


    1. Click Next

    eduroam cat installer screenshot


    1. Click OK

    Screenshot showing window confirming you are a member of the University of Oxford


    1. Select the Accept check box and click Next.

    Screenshot of accepting terms and conditions for installing the eduroam cat tool


    1. Enter your remote username and password and click Install. Enter your username in the format abcd0123@OX.AC.UK - enter the OX.AC.UK part of your username in uppercase as some devices will not connect to eduroam if this is lowercase. Your remote username and password is different to your SSO password that you use to, for example, login to your University email.

    Screenshot of the eduroam intaller user credentials window


    1. Click Finish. You can now connect to eduroam Wi-Fi.

    eduroam cat installed confirmation screen


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