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Spam Processing and Junk Email

All incoming and internal Nexus365 email is checked for spam by Microsoft’s Exchange Online Protection (EOP). By default, the EOP spam filters send spam-detected messages to each recipients’ Junk Email folder.

It is advisable that you regularly review messages in the Junk Email folder to check for legitimate messages that were incorrectly classified as junk. If you find a message that isn’t junk you can mark the item as not junk and the message will be moved to your Inbox and the sender will be added to your Safe senders and recipients list. Outlook on the Web users can find out more about junk email and phishing and the actions they can take to manage their junk email. 

If you still find that some persistent spam or unwanted personal messages continue to arrive in your Junk E-mail folder you can either create a rule on the Junk E-mail folder to delete certain emails immediately or use Blocked Senders. 

Outlook for PC and Outlook for Mac users can manage their junk mail using the Junk Email Filter in Outlook.

Nexus365 does not automatically discard email that passes a certain spam scoring threshold unless it is infected with a virus or malware, however, the Nexus365 Junk E-mail folder will automatically delete content from the Junk E-mail folder (and ‘Deleted Items’) after 90 days. 




Written by IT Services. Latest revision 20 August 2018