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What is Teams?

Teams is a messaging app and digital hub for collaboration within a team, department or project. As well as conversations, it also allows you to share content and to access other apps.

Why use Teams?

Teams is a user-friendly, day-to-day hub for teamwork. It lets you collaborate on projects, tasks and content using integrated apps from Nexus365 like Office Online, OneDrive, Planner and Forms.

Working with a team:

  • Collaborate in real time with teams of people working on shared deliverables
  • Share and work on content
  • Set up Private Channels for selected Team members
  • Schedule team meetings
  • Keep everyone in the loop through email threads
  • Communicate through instant messaging or audio/video chat
  • See past content and chat history any time.

Working outside your team:

  • Use Chat and share files with other people within the University who have access to Teams.

What are the differences between the types of Teams available?

There are a variety of different Team types available - though core functionality is available across different Team types as described above (but once you create a specific type of team, it cannot be changed for another type). 

The main types of Team are: 

  • Class - A team for education-based collaboration, assignments, discussions etc - Note that not all features and apps listed in Class teams will be available as some rely on third party add-ins that are not enabled / available in our territory. 
  • Professional Learning Community - Another education-based team more for research projects and working groups - again as above, not all add-ins and apps will be available in our tenancy / territory. 
  • Staff - The most common type of team in Nexus365, encompassing tools for communication, document collaboration, meetings, fixtures and project planning.
  • Other - A catch-all with similar functionality to the Staff team type, geared around document sharing and collaboration for clubs and societies. 

A more detailed explanation of each team type and the core features available can be found in the Microsoft Teams "Choose a Team Type" support page.

Requesting a new a Team

Members of staff can request a new Team by completing the online form in our self service portal (SSO required) Link to Request Form

Requesting support for Teams

You can ask for help with Teams via the Service Desk. Please do not contact members of the Nexus Team directly (e.g. via Teams or Email). Note that Microsoft Teams is provided "as is" and we urge users to thoroughly test that it will be appropriate for their use cases before deploying Teams in mission-critical roles.

Further information

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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 4 May 2020