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What is Teams?

Teams is a messaging app and digital hub for collaboration within a team, department or project. As well as conversations, it also allows you to share content and to access other apps.

Why use Teams?

Teams is a user-friendly, day-to-day hub for teamwork. It lets you collaborate on projects, tasks and content using integrated apps from Nexus365 like Office Online, OneDrive, Planner and Forms.

Working with a team:

  • Collaborate in real time with teams of people working on shared deliverables
  • Share and work on content
  • Set up Private Channels for selected Team members
  • Schedule team meetings
  • Keep everyone in the loop through email threads
  • Communicate through instant messaging or audio/video chat
  • See past content and chat history any time.

Working outside your team:

  • Use Chat and share files with other people within the University who have access to Teams.

There are a variety of different Team types available for use and the differences are explained on the Microsoft Teams page.

Further information

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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 10 December 2019