Replay training & 'How-to Guides'


The Replay team has created many guides on using Panopto (scroll down for these) and offers free training and workshops via Microsoft Teams to departments and individuals wishing to enhance their skills using Panopto.


There are two training sessions available, one for beginners and one for those who are already familiar with Panopto and want to learn more.

For beginners: Wed. 8 May 10:30-12:00 or Wed. 22 May 10:30-12:00

For users who are more familiar with Panopto: Wed. 8 May 14:00-15:30 or Wed. 22 May 14:00-15:30

Video guides

All of the following video guides will take you away from the Replay help site and open in Panopto, which we use to record and host our recordings:

Panopto for Beginners  (recorded Teams Webinar)

A recording of 'Panopto for Beginners' training session, delivered in April 2020, which covers the basics of getting started with Panopto.

How to edit a recording in Panopto

A training video that covers editing a recording (using the browser-based online Panopto editor) is available here: How to edit a recording in Panopto

NB: Editing Panopto recordings is non-destructive and any video edits to recordings can be undone.

How to move a video to a specific Canvas course

A training video that covers the task of moving videos to a specific course is available here: Moving Panopto videos to a Canvas course site

How to webcast using the Panopto Manual Recorder

Panopto Manual Recorder can be used to webcast a presentation. Webcasting via Panopto is a one-way live stream of your lecture. A screencast is available on how to do this using the Manual Recorder


To browse all of our recorded training sessions and pre-recorded how-to videos, please visit our Panopto Training Videos page

How-to guides

If you prefer to read and follow step-by-step instructions then you may find our how-to guides below helpful.

Clicking one of the topics opens the guide on a new page:

Equipment recommendations

Further reading


There are more video how-to guides available to help you get set-up with Replay on our Video Training Material page.

Alternatively, if you are having issues or problems recording please refer to the Troubleshooting section which lays out existing error messages. If your issues are not solved through this please email for further assistance.

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